We offer projects with high sustainability by adding our “Experience” to our “Customer Satisfaction Oriented” approach. We monitor the performance of the projects we carry out on the basis of work packages, and create highly effective business processes.

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Industrial Facilities

As RMA Construction, we carry out all turnkey and project-based processes on a national and international scale, from concept design through infrastructure and superstructure construction. With our workforce that has sufficient knowledge and experience in the construction of industrial structures; We realize the construction of industrial zones of different scales, large-scale industrial structures and production facilities in accordance with the technique with the right engineering applications. With our expert personnel in their fields, we play a significant role in the activation of various industrial facilities that will contribute to our country’s economy with the projects we support in areas of up to thousands of decares. We offer fast, safe, and adaptable solutions such as reinforced concrete structure systems, reinforced concrete prefabricated structure systems, steel construction strucrture systems and conventional systems in the construction of industrial facilities.

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