We offer projects with high sustainability by adding our “Experience” to our “Customer Satisfaction Oriented” approach. We monitor the performance of the projects we carry out on the basis of work packages, and create highly effective business processes.

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Smart and Green Buildings

The concept of Smart and Environmentally Friendly Buildings, that has become an indispensable part of today, refers to buildings with all infrastructures, including wastewater recycling, building automation, energy management, lighting and heating systems integrating, equipping all systems with technological devices and connecting them to each other, and charging points for electric cars and drone tracks.

Environmentally friendly and energy-efficient smart buildings with many innovations such as air conditioning that gives 100% fresh air to indoor spaces, further obtaining electricity from the sun, using rainwater falling on the roof and the building by storing it, the use of green building certified building products, the selection of ozone-friendly gas-use devices in coolers and air conditioners, can reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions by 50 to 70 percent, and can save 30 to 50 percent in water use.

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